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Stock items are sent by return of post. From time to time however stocks become exhausted and as certain parts for these cars have to be manufactured in relatively small batches, sometimes there can be a delay. However we do pride ourselves on maintaining varied stocks and will do our utmost to satisfy customers’ needs as quickly as possible.

Exchange and Restored Items

Certain items such as brake shoes, starter motors, alternators, instruments, etc., are available on an exchange basis (the part number will have an 'E' at the end). When the old unit is not returned at the time of ordering, a deposit surcharge is made. This surcharge can be found in the price list (such items have an 'S' at the end of their part number), and will be fully refunded on the return of suitable old units.


These are correct at the time of going to press. Every endeavour will be made to keep prices down, but they may be altered at any time due to material, manufacturers’ price changes or revisions.

ORDERING THE OLD FASHIONED WAY – yes we still like to hear from you by this method. Please see below:


Goods will be sent by the postal service or by 24 or 48 hour delivery service if required.

Post/Packing Rates

As a guide only, we suggest that 13% is added to the order value. The actual charge will depend on the weight and fragility of the parts sent (minimum dispatch charge is £2.50). N.B. VAT at 20% must be added to prices quoted + the carriage charges when totalling an order.

Large or Heavy Items (UK)

Packages weighing more than 25kgs and/or greater than 4ft 6ins (1.37m) in length must be sent by carrier. Usually body panels, exhausts, timber components and rubber floor matting have to be sent by this method.


Post/Packing Rates

As a guide only, we suggest you add 20% to orders for delivery in Europe, 25% elsewhere, for surface mail parcels. For EU countries in Europe, VAT at 20% must be added to the total price including the carriage costs. Countries outside the EU enjoy UK tax free purchases.

For fast air mail service, please add 40% to order value. Delivery times for surface mail to Europe is usually 1 to 2 weeks, to other countries, 5 to 8 weeks. Air mail service to all countries, is usually 8 to 10 days. We do however find that certain air/surface parcel rates sometimes differ so little, that we elect to send them by the faster air route. The percentages quoted are approximations only, actual charges will depend on the weight and fragility of the parts sent.

Large or Heavy Items (Overseas)

Packages weighing more than 25kg and/or greater than 4ft 6ins (1.37m) in length will usually have to be sent by air/sea freight. Costs naturally vary from country to country, so please ask for a quotation.

Overseas Customers Sending Parcels to the UK

Where goods are returned or parts are sent for restoration or reconditioning, it is essential to complete the customs declaration by either stating "Goods of British Origin Being Returned to Supplier" or "The parts enclosed are being sent to the UK for repair, after repair they are being returned to the country of origin..(state your country)". This should prevent customs charges in both countries.


When paying by cheque, calculating the total order value, with VAT and post/packing can be difficult. To avoid possible delays with paperwork, please send crossed cheques made out to "Melvyn Rutter Ltd" with the amount (written and numerical) left blank, but written at the base of the cheque "NOT TO EXCEED £XX", where XX is set a little over the anticipated price (circa 10%) to cater for any contingency. We will then complete the amount on the cheque and send you the corresponding invoice with the goods. Alternatively, telephone us during business hours for a quotation.


Please send sterling bank drafts payable to "Melvyn Rutter Overseas Ltd." with your order.

When ordering, please notify us if money has been sent by this method. Please do not send other personal cheques, as these cause considerable difficulty to the banks, and have to be negotiated.


Both UK and overseas cards are acceptable - Visa, American Express, MasterCard. Telephone orders may be made by UK and overseas customers using their credit/debit cards, but please also state the expiry date of card and the address to which you want parts sent.

Guarantee/Non Fitting of Parts

Please advise us giving fullest details as soon as possible, if goods do not fit. If goods are damaged in the course of fitting, a credit or refund cannot be given.

All parts are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship. This guarantee does not cover labour, failure due to incorrect fitting or misuse or failure of a related component.

Advice/Queries and Telephone Orders/Service Bookings

Please telephone us on 01279 725725 during business hours.

Information and Orders by Fax

To ensure same day despatch of parts, please quote your credit card number and card registered address over the terminal if you would like your order processed by this method this method.

Our fax numbers are: 01279 600498(Parts) - 01279 726901 (Car sales and service)

Come and see us at:


E mail orders and enquiries to:
mr@melvyn-rutter.net (Melvyn) or denise@melvyn-rutter.net (Denise)

alternatively : mogparts@melvyn-rutter.net (Graham) (directly into the parts department)